The New JCB DLC Is Out + review

The new Farming Simulator 15 JCB DLC is out as of  April 2, 2015. The release of this it surprised a few people as many expected a Holmer one instead.

Despite the fact that many thought something else was coming out, the DLC is still welcomed.

First Thoughts

My first opinions are that it is a great DLC. It may be a bit expensive for some people’s tastes, but overall it is well made.

I recently did a review of the  JCB – DLC. I’ve included it below.

Also, I did an extended review on the DLC via Twitch which I will put below.

Here is what the new JCB DLC includes:

-JCB Fastrac 3230 XTRA
-JCB Fastrac 8310
-JCB 435S
-JCB 260

Attachments for JCB 260

-JCB High Capacity Bucket
-JCB Bale Spike
-JCB Pallet Fork
-JCB Log Fork
-JCB Manure Fork
-JCB Stump Grinder

Overall thoughts

The new Farming Simulator 15 JCB-DLC is a good buy if you like JCB tractors and want to bring in some English tractors to your farm, this DLC would be a great addition.

However, if you aren’t a huge JCB fan, you may not want to pay the 10.99$ CDN for the DLC which is one third of the cost of the game. If you are in that boat, I suggest you wait until you see the DLC come on sale. Maybe in a Steam sale…

Having said all that, the JCBs are probably the best modeled we’ve seen so far since the EuroDZN JCB we had in FS13.

In my opinion, the DLC is a bit pricey but not so much so that I wouldn’t buy it.


Yes, the JCB DLC is worth it if you have the extra money.

You can get the DLC > HERE



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