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Welcome to the new site

Welcome1This site is for you to connect with me and others in our community.

It is here to help decide things like what map we should go to next on our let’s plays and suggest mods.

Now , you’re probably thinking, “Iain why would make a website for that? Can’t we do that on YouTube?”

Yes you can.

Problem is that I wanted a way to combine things like announcements, voting on maps, live streams, contests and things like that in one place.  Unfortunately, YouTube isn’t very helpful in that area.

So that is why this site is here so you can get the information you want about what is going on.

For now, there aren’t going to be any forums but it’s a possibility in the future.  If that is something you would like to see, by all means let me know.

Is there anything you would like to see?

Here I though I would leave it open for you to add anything that you would like to see on the site.

Lave a comment below with your thoughts.

Top 5 Farming Simulator 2013 Mods

Top 5 Farming Simulator ModsPeople always ask me for links to mods, so I thought I would use this fancy site as a way of directing people to places where they can find mods.

Having said that, I’d like to highlight a few of my favourite Farming Simulator mods.

5 Kenworth T800

This mod is an awesome truck that Duke Modding made. Unfortunately, you can’t get this particular mod because Duke made it.

Duke stopped modding due to family reason, which I totally understand.  He shut down his site because he stopped modding, so that’s the why you can’t get it.

A couple of the reasons why I like the mod is because it sticks to the ground well and it has some nice chrome. Also, it is a daycab so it’s a bit shorter.

No link available.

4 John Deere 7R pack

This John Deere 7R pack by Ago Modding are fantastic mods.

They have very detailed interiors with a lot of IC stuff you can get your hands on.

The exterior is also highly detailed with high resolution.

Another nice thing about this mod is the fact that it gets dirty, so you can wash it with the pressure washer mod.

Get it here

3 Claas Lexion 770TT

This Claas Lexion 770TT is by far my favourite combine in Farming Simulator 2013.

The fact that it has tracks as well is pretty cool too.

The 12m header on this combine is fantastic for larger farms where you need a larger header.

With the new update to the combine it also has dynamic exhaust which I’m a fan of.

Get it here.

2 Bobcat s160

This little gem is fantastic for your conveyor belt. It works perfectly to maneuver your conveyor belt around while offering you the ability to get close enough with a tractor to unload it easily.

With small little extras like moving pedals and the ability to adjust the engine speed which is definitely  a nice touch.

The guys at Euro DZN did a super job.

Get it here.

1 Conveyor belt mod

This has to be my all time favourite mod. I think I use it in every game of Farming Simulator that I play. It’s ridiculous.

This mod allows you to unload that pesky silage bunker without having to use a front loader.

This mod can move silage, chaff, manure and just about anything else you would want.

Get it here.

 Final thoughts

Those are some of my thoughts on my favourite mods.

What is your favourite mod? Let me know below in the comments.