About me

You’re probably here because you love YouTube. You might be curious about how to get started with the whole YouTube thing.

You might even be here to find out more about me.

What this site will do for you?

This site is here to connect with me and other people who are part of our YouTube community.

Whether you are  new to YouTube or you’re an expert, connecting with other people is always fun.

Also, this site  is here so you can help me make some decisions about what to do next in our let’s plays.

Now for the part about me

Iain RobsonI’m just a small town kid who grew up with the internet and a love for video games.

The gaming history all started when I was young. In our house we were fortunate to have a few computers not just one.

My dad was big into the computers when they first came out, so we had a small collection.

It probably started with an Amiga which is an old school computer. We had a ton of awesome games like Frogger and Frantic Freddy.

We set up a home network which we could play games on.  This allowed  my siblings and I to play all sorts of network games.

It evolved a lot over the years on a casual basis with gaming consoles like Sega Genesis and Sega CD.

It wasn’t until university when I really got into gaming. That’s when I discovered Diablo and Starcraft and friends who played those games.

My friends got me started on World Of Warcraft when that came out and I had a ton of fun playing that.  It allowed me to meet some really awesome people who I still talk to.

After World Of Warcraft I got into a game called EVE Online, which is another MMORPG but in space. The depth of the game is incredible. You can just lazily mine or PvP to your hearts content.

I think that is about the time when I found Farming Simulator. Even since I picked it up  I haven’t played much else. When I look at my Steam account and how much I have played it makes  me want to shed a little tear.

That’s about the time when I started watching some people play Farming Simulator to see how others were playing it.

This made me think, “maybe people might be interested in what  I have to say about farming.”

That is about the time when I started doing Let’s Plays and that about sums up the story.




13 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Great vids, learned alot, but what pda mod do you use, you have alot more info on there i.e more crops/pigs/silage/manure etc. I have checked through your mod list and slowly getting through your vids but cant find anything relating to your pda

  2. Hey, I’m a big fan of your youtube farm sim videos. I’ve spent the last week creating a soil mod calculations spreadsheet and i was wondering if you’d give it a try and let me know what you think. If you like it you can put a link to it on your videos if not no bubbles no troubles. I really just want to know if a farming guru like yourself would find something like this helpful. about the document. all you need to do is input the fields starting data I.E. pH level N, PK, and moister and from there everything is drop down and auto calculated. there is no option to input days with weather over 21C or days where it rains (if you think this would be helpful then its something i could definitely add). the excel is locked just because i use it on my phone (i wanted something convent enough to be able to be used with a portable device so i don’t have to type in a computer document every time i make changes) so i locked everything with formulas so i don’t accidentally change any of them but the page isn’t password protected so you also make changes if you want. the last sheet contains helpful farming hints as well as the drop down list for all the options. the spreadsheet can handle up to 40 different fields. I hope you get this and let me know what you think. btw if you do mention it in a video can you let me know. as far as permission idc if someone edits it or repost it i would just like to get credit for it. Thank you. I can email you the spreadsheet.

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