Farming Simulator 15 Holmer DLC Review And Thoughts

Today we review the Holmer DLC for Farming Simulator 15.

I have played with it already for a little while and it is fantastic. Definitely worth taking a look at if you haven’t already.

Video Review

Below is a video review of the Holmer DLC. You get to see  the attachments being used. Also, you get to see the sugar beet harvester in action.

If you can’t see the video click here.


What’s In The DLC

Here is a list of equipment that comes in the Holmer DLC

Swap Body

-HOLMER Terra Variant 600 eco Tractor
-HOLMER GB 25 Grain Tank (Auger wagon)
-HOLMER RB 35 Sugar Beet Tank (Auger wagon)
-BERGMANN TSW A 19 TV Manure Spreader
-ZUNHAMMER Vibro Slurry Spreader and Cultivator


-HOLMER Terra Dos T4-40 Sugar Beet Harvester
-HOLMER HR 9 Header
-HOLMER Header Transport Trailer

In reality it is only two vehicles, but if you love sugar beet harvesting in Farming Simulator this DLC is definitely going to appeal to you.

How Much Is It?

The Holmer DLC is CDN$ 10.99 which isn’t too bad. You only get two vehicles in the DLC though highly detailed.

Where Can You Buy The DLC

You can buy the Holmer DLC on Steam here or from Giants directly here.

Final Thoughts On Holmer DLC

While it is just a sugar beet harvester and a swap body type vehicle, the level of detail in the DLC is amazing. Some people may nay say the fact that it’s only two vehicles, but they are extremely well done.

Overall, I say that it is a great DLC. If you’re still a little skeptical I say wait until it comes on a steam sale and then pick it up. Otherwise, I would pick it up now and harvesting those sugar beets.




Thoughts on the Farming Simulator Wheel by Saitek

Saitek recently announced the new Farming Simulator Wheel.

As of June 13, 2015 it is on pre- order, so you if you really want to buy now you can do so.

Pricing and Bundles

There are three different bundles that you can choose from.

  1. Wheel + Pedals + Side panel $399CDN
  2. Side Panel $199CDN
  3. Wheel and Pedals $199CDN
Whole Bundle

Pre-ordering will cost you $359 CDN to get the whole bundle, which is a bit on the pricey side you can get a G27 for less.

Farming Simulator Wheel

If you already have a wheel like a G27, they do offer the option of just the side panel which is is an interesting bit of kit.

Side Panel

The side panel is $199 CDN.

Side Panel Farming Simulator Wheel

Wheel and Pedals

If you just want the pedals and wheel there is an option for that too, which costs $199CDN.

Farming simulator wheel and pedals


When Do We Get It

According to the Saitek website, it says, “Available Fall 2015”.

That suggests that it will be ready for Christmas.   Maybe even sooner if we are lucky.

My Thoughts

At first glance the bundle seems very nice. It has some great details that would be perfect for Farming Simulator. After all, it is  wheel that is designed for the game right?

I do have some concerns though about how well it will be integrated into the game.

What I mean is, if I look at how well the G27 has been integrated so far we can see that a bad job has been done.

I only hope that they take the initiate and make sure the setup works flawlessly with the game.

If we compare how well Farm Sim works with peripherals in comparison to Euro Truck Simulator, Giants has done a bad job.

We can only hope that it will work perfectly, but based on Giants track record it leads me to believe that they will run into problems.

We don’t know how well the wheel and side panel are going to work with other games. Because it’s Saitek is working on the gear, we hope that it will function with other games.

The other concern is the price.   $399 is pricey. I am not sure how many people will shell out that money to get the  whole bundle.  I suppose we will just have to wait and see.

Also, the two other bundles priced at $199 might be a bit more attractive for some people, but still a bit pricey.


We can hope that the wheel will work properly with the  game. If it works well, it will be a fantastic wheel and side panel set up.

If it doesn’t work well, then people will continue to use the G27 with Farm Sim with few problems.

Where To Buy

Right now, you can pre-order the bundle from Saitek itself on their website.


I would wait until we have some more information about how well the wheel works with the game itself.

Once we know, then we can make a better informed decision.


What do you guys think?

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Review and Gameplay

Recently, I was given Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 to have a look at. From what I have seen so far, the games is very promising.

Disclosure: I was given Car Mechanic Simulator 2015  to do a review on. However, I can do a positive or negative review. It is based on my opinion.

First Impressions

If you are into simulations, you might really enjoy this game.  It has some really cool elements to it.

One element that I think is particularly cool, is the ability to buy cars from auctions and repair them to sell or collect.

I didn’t find the game as intuitive as I would have liked. I found though that as I progressed it became much easier to maneuver my character the way I wanted to. There is a bit of learning curve, but it is a fairly small one.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Review

I did a video review of the game showing different aspects of the game.

Here is the video:

If you can’t see the video,  click here.

The video highlights a few aspects:

  • Gameplay
  • Different modes
  • Graphics
  • Loading times
  • Leveling
  • Garage Customization
  • Possible future mods
The game has some pretty cool features like:
  • Car auctions
  • Photo modes
  • Visual tuning
  • Missions (which are randomly generated)
  • Test track  to determine broken parts

If you’re interested in buying the game, you can buy it on steam here. It can also be found on Amazon here (affiliate link)

Final Thoughts

At $21.99 CDN, the game is a good buy. It covers many of the basic aspects of repairing cars without all the blood, sweat and tears that is associated with it.

If you looking to learn a bit about cars, this is a great way to get your hands dirty  and learn about how to repair cars. While it may not give you all the experience you want, it will definitely satisfy your inner gearhead.


The New JCB DLC Is Out + review

The new Farming Simulator 15 JCB DLC is out as of  April 2, 2015. The release of this it surprised a few people as many expected a Holmer one instead.

Despite the fact that many thought something else was coming out, the DLC is still welcomed.

First Thoughts

My first opinions are that it is a great DLC. It may be a bit expensive for some people’s tastes, but overall it is well made.

I recently did a review of the  JCB – DLC. I’ve included it below.

Also, I did an extended review on the DLC via Twitch which I will put below.

Here is what the new JCB DLC includes:

-JCB Fastrac 3230 XTRA
-JCB Fastrac 8310
-JCB 435S
-JCB 260

Attachments for JCB 260

-JCB High Capacity Bucket
-JCB Bale Spike
-JCB Pallet Fork
-JCB Log Fork
-JCB Manure Fork
-JCB Stump Grinder

Overall thoughts

The new Farming Simulator 15 JCB-DLC is a good buy if you like JCB tractors and want to bring in some English tractors to your farm, this DLC would be a great addition.

However, if you aren’t a huge JCB fan, you may not want to pay the 10.99$ CDN for the DLC which is one third of the cost of the game. If you are in that boat, I suggest you wait until you see the DLC come on sale. Maybe in a Steam sale…

Having said all that, the JCBs are probably the best modeled we’ve seen so far since the EuroDZN JCB we had in FS13.

In my opinion, the DLC is a bit pricey but not so much so that I wouldn’t buy it.


Yes, the JCB DLC is worth it if you have the extra money.

You can get the DLC > HERE



Farming Simulator 2015 Has Arrived

As you are all aware, Farming Simulator 2015 has finally dropped and now you can get the game from steam or directly from Giant’s website.

This has been one of those games that we have all been waiting for, thankfully, Giants delivered an extremely solid game.

So far, the most significant change that they have made is the engine. Moving bales now is much more enjoyable than it used to be.

If you want to check out my Let’s Play of Farming Simulator 2015, check out my YouTube channel.

I know that I am excited to see what the modders are going to do with the platform that they have been given by Giants.

Catch you guys later.

What map after Landwehrkanal?



As the Landwehrkanal map comes to an end, I was wondering what map you would like to see what map we go to next.

The original intention was to stay on Landwehrkanal for longer but it seems like it is a good time to change it up.

I have a few ideas in mind of maps we could head to, but I’d like to hear your ideas.

Would you like to see a UK map or a second American map?

I’m curious.

Let me know in the comments on maps you would like to see.

Minecraft maybe?

Hey guys,

I had a random thought the other day, I was wondering if you would be interested in it.

Would you be interested in me playing a little bit of Minecraft?

Cast your vote below on whether or not we should hit up some Minecraft on the channel.

If you have any other thoughts, let me know in the comments.

Welcome to the All American Map

Well you guys voted for the new map and here it is.  You chose the All American Map for our next let’s play.

If you remember the Modern American Farming map, you will be reminded of it when we go through this let’s play. It’s very similar.

Let me show you how the vote split. It was actually pretty close. A lot closer than I thought it was going to be.

vote summary


(Click on the picture above to see a larger version.)

Here is the breakdown of the numbers:

  • OGF Australia 16%
  • OGF USA 11%
  • Two Rivers 16%
  • All American Map 19%

There were times when OGF Australia was winning then the All American Farm, it was a lot of fun to see which direction we went in the end.


A lot of people suggested medium to large equipment, with an emphasis on medium equipment.

The percentage breakdown was:

  • 58% Medium equipment
  • 37% Large equipment

Because of that I tried to balance it as best as I could.

Wrap up

What would you guys like to see on the All American Map?

Leave a comment below with your suggestions.

What map should we play on next?

next mapWith the end of Central Kansas Remake coming up, I thought it would be a good idea to get some input from you.

I’ve had a few suggestions for different maps,  so I’ve included them in the voting for the next map.

I’ve also included some ideas for what type of equipment you would like to see in the upcoming season.


Also,  just wondering if you would like us to start with any particular pieces of equipment for example JD 9630 or something like that.

Leave a comment below with your suggestions.

As always you guys rock.

Welcome to the new site

Welcome1This site is for you to connect with me and others in our community.

It is here to help decide things like what map we should go to next on our let’s plays and suggest mods.

Now , you’re probably thinking, “Iain why would make a website for that? Can’t we do that on YouTube?”

Yes you can.

Problem is that I wanted a way to combine things like announcements, voting on maps, live streams, contests and things like that in one place.  Unfortunately, YouTube isn’t very helpful in that area.

So that is why this site is here so you can get the information you want about what is going on.

For now, there aren’t going to be any forums but it’s a possibility in the future.  If that is something you would like to see, by all means let me know.

Is there anything you would like to see?

Here I though I would leave it open for you to add anything that you would like to see on the site.

Lave a comment below with your thoughts.